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Peter Thomson

Peter Thomson speperator

"Fairways in Heaven , Bunkers from Hell " foreword by 5 times British open Champion Peter Thomson:

"We would all like to go rambling with a bag of clubs, following our nose to see where it leads us.  but it is not so easy to find where to start.  If I had my own time and patience, I would start of course in Scotland where the game of golf began four centuries ago.  Yet if I did so I would miss a mass of fun ignoring the rest of Britain.  interesting courses abound in all the counties, and david Worley has cannily struck upon an ideal pilgrim's progress, starting his odyssey in the Southwest corner of the Kingdom, and slowly putting his way North along the West Coast.

This is surely bliss, given good weather  - which is not so reliable - but then golf is a game played in the elements.  Like sailing , it needs a good stiff breeze to give it a special zest.

What he found in his peregrinations is that a bag of clubs and a fair swing of the driver is the ultimate passport. It gets one anywhere.  It will establish friendships - immediate as Worley found to his great delight.  Golf is generally universal language.  And what was his reward?  he discovered for himself a long list of glorious courses known mostly only locally, developed,maintained and treasured by local enthusiasts, who take great pride in their possessions and in a manner of extreme politeness, welcome strangers who are their 'own kind'.

This is the very essence of golf, a strength unknown to other sports.  It covers the road in truth, but is part of life in Britain.

It is remarkable how golf spread in it's early years.  What sparked on the links of Scotland, travelled in the line of least resistance to the South.  And it wasn't always the Scots who planted the seeds.  The english took to the game like ducks to water, and soon it wasn't just a pastime of the Macs.  It was played by Carters and Joneses from Cornwall to Devon, to Caithness and beyond.  Britain is one vast canvass of golf.

Many of these courses are modest and unpretentious, their annual membership dues small, but adequate, and it all adds up to what is the real golf.  It is not the grand extravaganza of professional golf played in the hyped arena that gives golf its plasma.  It is the humble hits and miss hits of the average golfer on his club or municipal course that gives golf its lifeblood.  And these are found everywhere one wanders, as David Worley discovered.

If you, dear reader, use this book as a reference and guide, you cannot go wrong, provided you play the visitors' role with good humour and dress.  Your 'passport' requires no visa to penetrate the borders.  You will be welcomed as the Worley's were.  I wonder where they will bob up next!"

Order your copy of "Fairways in Heaven , Bunkers from Hell " here.

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