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Journey Through The Links

$34.95 was $65.00
Written by David Worley
Foreword by Peter Thomson

Published in 2007 in Australia by David Worley. Journey through the Links is completely sold out in the UK and USA. The only remaining copies are available through this website.

Journey through the Links is a ground breaking masterpiece.

Ten years in the making, this is the first ever comprehensive review with photographs of almost every 18 hole links course in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

Nobody before has ever attempted such a Herculean task.
Journey contains 400 pages of coffee table quality with 155 detailed course appraisals with over 530 superb colour photographs.

Journey has received fantastic reviews in Australia, the UK and USA.
In the October 2007 issue of UK Golf Monthly it was given a 4 page spread and was awarded Book of the Month.

**** In the December 2007 issue of Sports Illustrated in the USA Journey was named as the - golf book of the year for 2007. "Journey through the Links is a rarity among large- format golf books: a marvelous combination of stunning photography and elegant prose."

Journey was 10 years in the making over four long trips where I drove approximately 26,000 miles around the coastlines of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.

I was surprised that no-one had ever written a comprehensive review of every 18 hole links in the Kingdom so this was my motivation for such a huge task.

Early visits were in unusually wet summers but the 90 day journey in 2006 was the hottest and driest summer ever recorded in the UK. This made photographing difficult especially in Wales where some of the courses were becoming like parts of outback Australia.

I kept discovering more and more lesser known courses that had to be included so the 2006 trip resulted in playing or walking 97 courses in 90 days.
I don't rank courses in a numerical order but they are reviewed without fear or favour and as objectively as possible. They are set out in the geographical order that I recommend you consider if you are embarking on lengthy golfing adventure.

I was fortunate to obtain a publishing deal with Aurum Press in London and in a matter of months Journey through the Links was completely sold out in the UK and USA.

Journey has won numerous awards including Sports Illustrated USA voting it golf book of the year in 2007 - 'stunning photography and elegant prose'

155 courses are reviewed in the 400 large pages with over 500 photographs and the Foreword has been written by Peter Thomson.

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